ITF Terminology

English Korean
One Hana
Two Dool
Three Set
Four Net
Five Dasot
Six Yosot
Seven Illgop
Eight Yodul
Nine Ahop
Ten Yul
Pattern Tul
Attention Charyot
Bow Kyong Ye
Ready Junbi
Bow to the flag Goog gee eh de ha yoe
Start (to commence) Si Jak
At ease Swiyo
Dismiss Hae San
Stop Guman
Grade Gup
1st to 3rd (Assistant Instructor) Boo Sabum
4th to 6th (Instructor) Sabum
7th to 8th (Master) Sahyun
9th (Grand Master) Saseong
Low Block Najunde Maki
Middle Block Kaunde Maki


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