Dojang Rules

  1. Upon entering or leaving the training area one must bow.
  2. Upon arriving, one must bow to the instructors and higher belts as an indication of respect.
  3. When an instructor or higher belt arrives, one must bow to them as an indication of respect.
  4. Instructor must be addressed as “Ma’am” or Ms Villeneuve, other instructors as Sir or Ma’am”.
  5. Full contact sparring is prohibited; protective equipment such as headgear and mouth-guard must be worn during sparing. (Cup is recommended.)
  6. Equipment must not be used at any time unless the instructor has granted permission. Do not climb, sit, or stand on the equipment.
  7. There will be no free practice while a class is in session, unless permission has been given.
  8. Anyone arriving late for class must do 20 push-ups and then ask the instructor for permission to join the class.
  9. Students must participate in both warm-ups and regular classes.
  10. Noise must be kept to an absolute minimum while a class is in session.
  11. Members are encouraged to assist the instructor in class, at tournaments, and demonstrations if requested to do so.
  12. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  13. No smoking is allowed in any part of the school and chewing gum in class is not permitted.
  14. No food is permitted in the dojang during class.
  15. Jewelry may not be worn during training due to its potential danger. (Medical alert bracelets are the exception.)
  16. Finger and toenails must be kept short to prevent injury.
  17. Uniforms must be kept clean and be worn during training. (Street clothes may be worn only with permission from instructor.)
  18. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in suspension or expulsion

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