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Head instructor

mrsvillenuveMs. Betty Ann Villeneuve; 4th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Villeneuve began her Martial Arts Training with her children April and David in Nepean Ontario at “Trigger’s Taekwon-Do” in 1998.

Taekwon-Do soon became a passion for her and she was fortunate enough to train under Master Choi. After returning to Cornwall, where she grew up, Ms. Villeneuve continued her training by travelling weekly to Barrhaven to earn her 1st Degree Black Belt. While continuing to train for her 2nd Degree Black Belt, she opened up her own Dojang (school); “Freedom Taekwon-Do” in October 2005 in her home town. In June 2009 Ms. Villeneuve successfully tested and passed the third degree black belt test in Oakville Ontario under the watchful eyes of a panal of five examiners.

Ms. Villeneuve, displays dedication to her students in the way she assists each one according to their own individual strengths, knowledge and assists each person as they advance in their Taekwon-Do journey..

Ms. Villeneuve has competed all over Ontario and Quebec and in December 2013 tested for her 4th Degree Black Belt.

Assistant instructors

Mr. Joey Busat – 3rd Degree Black Belt
Mr. David Chaffee – 2nd Degree Black Belt
Miss. Laine Larkin – 2nd Degree Black Belt
Mrs. Apryl Larkin – 1st Degree Black Belt
Ms. April Chaffee – 1st Degree Black Belt
Miss Maylee Larkin – 1st Degree Black Belt
Miss Ashley Fortier – 1st Degree Black Belt


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